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Meet Our Shelter Staff!

In addition to the full time management team below, we are extremely grateful for the dedication of our part-time animal handlers who work hard every day improving the quality of lives for the homeless four legged friends in our care, and for our very committed volunteers who give of their time to help us achieve our mission.
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Toni Bianchi
Shelter Director

(Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed
(Certified Behavior Consultant Canine-Knowledge Assessed)
(Certified Dog Behavior Consultant)
Shelter Behavior Affiliate
Toni has been Shelter Director for four years, and volunteered at the shelter for several years before that.  As Director, Toni monitors, evaluates and improves services provided by the Animal Shelter and Animal Control. She is responsible for developing, implementing and assessing long range/strategic planning and policies and staying abreast of current animal welfare issues and sheltering standards. What she likes most about her job is helping to ensure that homeless animals have a safe place to stay until their forever home can be found.

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Darrin Biggs
Assistant Shelter Director

Darrin provides daily supervision of the Porter County Animal Shelter and our staff. He reviews and updates Shelter procedures and guidelines, and assures that they are properly implemented. He also endures that our animal care programs are administered humanely. Darrin has been at the Shelter for over 6 years, helping sick animals heal is his greatest satisfaction.
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Dawn Harbaugh
Intake & Adoption Coordinator

Dawn manages all intakes and adoptions at the Shelter, which includes answering all adoption and intake phone and email inquiries, maintaining the pet inventory data base, arranging spay/neuter and veterinary appointments, assisting potential adopters with the adoption process plus various administrative duties. She has been at the Shelter for over 10 years, including 2 years as a volunteer and 8 years as a staff member. Dawn's favorite part of her job is hearing from adopters about how well their new furry family member is doing in their new home, especially when the animal was a long term resident of the shelter and/or came to us in poor shape.
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Drew Boetel
Kennel & Health Care Supervisor

Drew is responsible for assuring that animals in our care receive the medical care that they need to become and stay healthy while at the Shelter. This includes performing initial and periodic health checks, administering medications and coordinating any necessary visits with veterinarians. Because a shelter environment presents challenges to the spread of disease, he developed cleaning and sanitary procedures for the Shelter and monitors staff to assure that procedures are followed to the letter. He also is responsible for placing animals in the appropriate dog kennel or cat community room where they will have the best opportunity to thrive. As a six plus year employee, Drew loves being part of the process of treating sick and malnourished animals that will leave the Shelter healthy on on their way to a new forever home.
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Sarah Steinhilber
Volunteer,  Event & Rescue Coordinator

If you are a one of our Facebook followers, we're sure you recognized Sarah as our "Facebook Live lady". As Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah recruits, trains and works one-on-one with volunteers and prepares them to be active members of the Shelter's team. She is also responsible for planning shelter representation at public and private events with the goal of increasing awareness of our mission and animal adoptions. As Rescue Coordinator, Sarah works with local and regional rescue organizations to place animals that have behavior and/or medical challenges that may be beyond what we as a shelter are unable to address. Sarah has been with the Shelter for over 3 years, and working with animals has been her dream since she can remember. She also appreciates that no two days at the shelter are ever the same, and the good days definitely outweigh the bad.

Photo of staff member with dog

Danielle Lopez
Public Relations Coordinator

Danielle is often the first face you will see or voice you will hear when you visit or call the Shelter. In many ways, she is the liaison between our two legged visitors and our four legged guests. Danielle takes in the lost and stray animals, helps reunite them with there families, and works with the public to find forever homes for those who are not reunited. Danielle has been with the Shelter for over 5 years, and is overwhelming gratified by helping to positively change the lives of our animals and their families.