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Reporting Dangerous Animals

To report an animal that poses immediate and imminent danger to the public, PLEASE CALL 911. A law enforcement officer will be dispatched and if necessary, the officer will request an Animal Control Officer.

Reporting Stray Animals, Animal Neglect Or Animal Abuse

To report a stray animal, animal neglect or animal abuse, please call Animal Control at 219-477-3110. Should you get voice mail, please be sure to leave your name, address and phone number and an Animal Control Officer will return your call. Or, you may submit an online report by clicking on the icon below.

Please note that Animal Control does NOT respond to calls regarding wild or nuisance animals (i.e. raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, skunks). For assistance with wild or nuisance animals, please contact a humane pest control company.

CLICK HERE To Submit An Online Animal Control Report
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Porter County Animal Control serves all of Porter County EXCEPT FOR THE CITY OF PORTAGE. All information contained in this section of the website is only applicable to the areas served by Porter County Animal Control. If you live in the City of Portage, you will need to contact them directly at (219) 763-1825, as they may have different policies and ordinances.