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The Animal Control and Animal Shelter Ordinance number 15-06 was adopted On May 19, 2015, and amended by Ordinance number 2017-17 which was adopted on October 3, 2017.

The following is the Animal Quarantine Procedures section of the Ordinance.

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6.04.190 Animal Quarantine Procedure

A. Animal Bites. In the event that an animal bites another person or animal as set forth in the Animal Control Ordinance 6.040.070 (Animal Bites), and it is determined that an in-home quarantine is not appropriate under the circumstances, the biting animal may be placed in quarantine at the Porter County Animal Shelter. The quarantine period shall be for  seven (7) days.

B. Stray Animal Bites.  If a stray dog, cat, or ferret has bitten a person or animal it shall confined at the Porter County Animal Shelter for seven (7) days.  At the end of the seven (7) day quarantine period the animal shall be medically assessed and the bite victim shall be notified of the health status of the stray animal.  In the event the stray animal dies prior to the expiration of the quarantine period, or if it is intentionally euthanized by a licensed veterinarian in order to prevent the animal from suffering humanely, it shall be properly packaged and sent to the state designated authorities for rabies testing.

C. Mandated Rabies Quarantine.  Pursuant to I.C. § 15-17-6-2 (Quarantine Declaration), the State Veterinarian has the authority to declare rabies quarantines in any county, and therefore, any procedures referenced and set forth therein shall be adopted and followed by the Porter County Animal Shelter as it pertains to rabies quarantines.

D. Owner Responsibilities. An owner of an animal that is quarantined subject to the provisions of the Animal Control Ordinance is responsible for paying any and all fees associated with the impoundment of the animal subjected to the quarantine at the Porter County Animal Shelter as set forth in 6.080.010 (Animal Shelter Fee Schedule) and additional and/or pertinent fees incurred under Sections 6.04.110 (Impoundment) and 6.04.120 (Redemption of Impounded Animals) that may apply.

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Porter County Animal Control serves all of Porter County EXCEPT FOR THE CITY OF PORTAGE. All information contained in this section of the website is only applicable to the areas served by Porter County Animal Control. If you live in the City of Portage, you will need to contact them directly at (219) 763-1825, as they may have different policies and ordinances.