We are their Shelter. You are their Future.

Are you thinking about welcoming a new pet in your home? Here are some great reasons why you should adopt from the Porter County Animal Shelter.

Adoption helps stop pet overpopulation

There are too many animals and not enough homes. Shelters have been facing a pet overpopulation problem for the last few decades. Some animals are found wandering as strays, and some are surrendered by their owners who cannot or no longer want to care for them. To help reduce pet overpopulation and be part of the solution, the Porter County Animal Shelter spays or neuters every adoptable dog and cat at NO COST TO THE ADOPTER before they leave the Shelter for their new forever home. This ensures the animals placed in the community don’t contribute to pet overpopulation.

Adoption saves lives

Adoption will not only save the life of the pet you are adopting but will also make room and free up precious resources for another animal that the Shelter will take in. Adopting an animal from the Porter County Animal Shelter is the best way to help the Shelter continue its work. We are only meant to house animals temporarily, and to be able to help more animals in need we must find loving forever homes for the animals we take in.

Adoption gives a second chance

We have healthy, sweet and smart animals who were abandoned or surrendered not because of their behavior but generally due to the issues of their guardians. The most common reasons animals are abandoned or surrendered is because of a change in circumstances of their family: a divorce, a move, a new baby or because their family was not ready for all the responsibilities of having a pet and “no longer has time for them”. The Porter County Animal Shelter offers adoptable dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, mixes and sizes.

Adoption often costs less

Pets adopted from the Porter County Animal Shelter usually cost less than pets purchased or even obtained for free. Because we spay/neuter, vaccinate and microchip every animal before they leave the shelter AT NO COST TO THE ADOPTER, you’ll be surprised what a good deal our adoptable pets really are!

Adoption helps support our No Kill mission

The Porter County Animal Shelter is a NO KILL Shelter in that we euthanize only non-rehabilitatable pets who are irremediably suffering or dangerous to people or other pets. We are a public shelter, and don’t get to pick and choose the animals that come to us. These are often the neglected, abandoned or behaviorally challenged animals that their owners have cast aside. The come to us sick, injured and malnourished. We go to every reasonable length possible to rehabilitate our animals to make them suitable for adoption. But we are only their shelter. You are their future. By adopting from the Porter County Animal Shelter, you directly contribute to the success of our No Kill mission.

Adopting from the Porter County Animal Shelter is an act of rescue and love. It is a good deed for you, for the shelter, but especially for the animals who need you. In addition to the pleasure of having a new companion, you’ll be happy to be the one who was able to offer them a second chance.

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Seniors For Seniors

If you are age 55 or older and choose to adopt a senior dog or cat, the adoption fee is WAIVED! For more information, click on the image below.

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