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Posted on: July 27, 2022

Don't Skip The Chip!

Even indoor pets can get outside accidentally and get lost, so if you’re relying on other forms of identification, you could be placing your pet at risk. Microchipping is a safe, effective way to help ensure your pet’s return if the unthinkable happens. If a lost pet is picked up by animal control or found by a good Samaritan and presented to a veterinarian, a quick scan of the microchip reveals the identification number. A toll-free phone call to the pet recovery database alerts the microchip company that a lost pet has been identified. The pet owner can then be contacted and reunited with his or her pet!

If your pet isn't chipped, ask your vet to do it at your furry friend's next check-up. Cost for a chip implant is normally less than $50.

And remember, a microchip is only as good as the information it unlocks. If you move, change your phone number or transfer ownership of your pet, be sure to update your pet’s microchip registry details!

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