What is the Shelter's adoption process?

The Shelter practices an appointment based adoption process. This process has three steps:

Step One: Complete & Submit Online Adoption Application

We have set up an online adoption application that you must complete and submit. After we receive and process your online adoption application, we will contact your to do a phone interview.

Step Two: Participate In An Phone Interview

During this phone interview, Shelter staff will review your online application with you. Our staff will also ask you questions to help us determine what you are looking for so that we can better match your circumstances with our available animals. If your application is approved, we will also schedule an appointment to meet with some of our animals.

Step Three: Schedule An Appointment To Meet Our Animals

ONLY APPROVED APPLICANTS WILL BE ALLOWED AN APPOINTMENT. At your appointment, you can complete the Adoption Contract and, in most cases, take your new pet home. 

We make an emotional commitment to each cat in our care. We strive to ensure that each cat finds the proper family and that each family finds a cat that will match their lifestyle. For an adoption to be successful, you must truly understand the level of care and commitment required for a successful adoption. We have an obligation to ensure that the new relationship between your family and your new companion will thrive for a lifetime.

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