Dog Adoption Process & Fees

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We make an emotional commitment to each dog in our care. We strive to ensure that each dog finds the proper family and that each family finds a dog that will match their lifestyle. For an adoption to be successful, you must truly understand the level of care and commitment required for a successful adoption. We have an obligation to ensure that the new relationship between your family and your new companion will thrive for a lifetime.

The Application Process

To achieve our goals, we take the adoption process very seriously and practice vetted and thorough adoption services. Upon completion of an adoption application, along with providing a valid drivers license or state ID, it can take from one to three days for our review and verification process. Upon review of your application, we may request additional information.

If you are thinking of adopting, we strongly recommend that you complete and submit an adoption application in advance to save you time after you have selected a dog. Approved applications are valid and held on file for six months. Scroll down to download, save and print an Adoption Application.

Meet & Greets

If you have small children or other animals in your home, we may require meet & greets to assure that the dog you have chosen will interact well with your children or other animals.

Home Visits

We do reserve the right to make home visits with potential adopters to assure that your new dog will find a safe environment in which they can thrive.

The Decision

We have a moral, ethical and legal obligation to ensure that the new relationship between your family and your new companion will thrive for a lifetime. Not just in any home, but in the right home for both the dog and each potential adopter. Sometimes that means having to say no. The Shelter reserves the right to decline any adoption application at any time and for any reason.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for a dog is $100. Adoption fees can be paid by DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD. Cash is not accepted at the Shelter. Adoption fees are non-refundable.

The Adoption Agreement

The Adoption Agreement, which is included in the Adoption Application, is a legally binding contract between you and the Shelter and outlines your obligations as a responsible pet owner. Please note that the Adoption Agreement REQUIRES that you take your new dog to a veterinarian for a wellness check within ONE WEEK of the adoption. It is your obligation to provide the Shelter proof of the wellness check. You will be provided with any medical records that the Shelter may have for your dog.

Taking Your Dog Home

Under Indiana State Law and The Porter County Animal Control Ordinance, all of our adoptable animals must be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before they leave the shelter for their new forever home. If the dog you have adopted has not been spayed or neutered, please allow for up to five days before you can take your new dog home.

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Seniors For Seniors

If you are age 55 or older and choose to adopt a senior dog or cat, the adoption fee is WAIVED! For information, click on the image below.
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