Pet Friendly License Plate

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By choosing the Spay-Neuter, Pet Friendly license plate, you are not only showing your love of pets, you’re helping make every Indiana shelter a zero-kill shelter.

Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI) receives funding from this specialty plate and provides direct support to nearly 250 rescue groups and shelters across the state, INCLUDING THE PORTER COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER. We give rescue groups and shelters FREE spay/neuter surgery certificates so they can alter pets before adopting them into their forever homes. SNSI also provides FREE certificates for Community Cats (feral and free-roaming cats), reducing the number of unwanted litters and preventing cats from entering shelters.

Sales of the Pet Friendly plate have funded nearly 50,000 surgeries, saving hundreds of thousands of Indiana cats and dogs from euthanasia due to shelter overpopulation.

Learn more about the important work of Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana by visiting

The Pet-Friendly license plate is $40, with $25 going directly to SNSI.

You can purchase the Pet-Friendly plate for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

You can switch to a Pet-Friendly plate at any time, even if your license plate is not up for renewal. The BMV will prorate your fee.

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CLICK HERE For More Information About The Pet Friendly License Plate